Welcome page

Design and personalize your own landing page for your online store, serving as the default homepage. This page is the first point of contact for visitors, providing a customized experience to drive engagement and conversions from the outset.

Easy navigation

Organize products into categories and subcategories for better navigation. Use relevant tags to enhance search functionality, making it easier for users to find products. This system improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of conversions on your site.

Custom website design

Customize your storefront to align with your brand's image. Quickly and easily customize your website's look to maintain brand consistency and create a unique user experience. This flexibility allows you to tailor your site to match your brand's identity effectively.

Product details

Enhance your product pages with detailed descriptions and relevant images to provide customers with comprehensive information. This helps them make informed decisions and improves their shopping experience, leading to higher satisfaction and potentially increased sales.

Click to enlarge photos

Boost sales by offering customers full, clear images of your products. This provides them with a clear understanding of the product's features, helping them make informed purchasing decisions and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Detailed product images

Enable zoom-in functionality on product images to allow customers to closely examine product details. This feature enhances the shopping experience by providing a closer look at the product, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Sure shopping

All payments are securely processed under SSL security support, ensuring the safety of passwords and secure IDs. This provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that their transactions are protected from theft or unauthorized access.

Simple checkout process

Our 4-step easy checkout system ensures hassle-free shopping, with a special guest checkout option available. You can proceed at your own pace, with the choice to continue or go back at any step, providing a convenient shopping experience.

Shopper saving

Offer special discount or promotional coupons that customers can redeem at checkout by entering the code. This feature provides customers with incentives to make purchases and enhances their shopping experience on your website.

Showcase your product

Boost conversion rates by featuring new or best-selling products prominently on your home page. This draws attention to popular items, enticing customers to explore further and make purchases, ultimately increasing sales and engagement on your site.

Advanced sort and search

Improve the customer experience with easy search options, enabling them to search by price, color, discount, category, and more. This feature helps customers find products quickly and efficiently, enhancing their overall shopping experience on your site.

Own shopping experience

Enable customers to create accounts for tracking orders, viewing purchase history, and updating credentials. This feature enhances convenience and loyalty by providing a personalized shopping experience, allowing customers to manage their accounts and orders efficiently.

Interact with customers

Interact with customers via live chat to address their queries and provide real-time support. Use customer feedback to understand their needs and enhance your products or services, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Integrated payment gateway

Our payment gateway accepts all major credit and debit cards for online transactions, providing customers with convenient payment options. This increases the likelihood of successful transactions and enhances the overall shopping experience on our site.

Email notifications

We will send email notifications to customers at each important step, including order booking, payment received, product shipment, and delivery. This keeps customers informed and enhances their shopping experience with timely updates.

Integrated social media

Incorporate built-in social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other platforms. This enables customers to connect with your brand on social media, enhancing engagement and expanding your online presence effortlessly.

Talk about your company

Create multiple static pages, such as About Us and Contact pages, to strengthen the connection between your brand and customers. These pages provide valuable information and enhance credibility, fostering a stronger relationship with your audience.

SEO optimization

Boost your online presence with basic SEO optimization. Use search engine optimized page URLs with HTTP redirections and optimize your home page meta tags and descriptions. These strategies improve visibility in search results, driving more traffic to your site.