Administration module

The part of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system tasks for administration. The tasks include defining structure of the company, grades pay and many other information that serves as the backbone for the system. Through this module security issues are taken care of as well by defining user rights.

Information management

This core module maintains all relevant information related to the employee, including personal information, qualifications details and experience of work, information for the job, etc. The Photo of employee is included as well. Captured information in this module is utilized by all other modules, thus eliminating redundancy of data.

Leave module

A comprehensive leave module of management, with more possibilities of defining types of leave. For all application and approval processes, the module caters and is able to display information on leave details, balance, history etc. It streamlines all leave related procedures significantly, saves costs by eliminating paperwork.

Benefits module

Integrated platform to manage tasks related to benefits. It covers welfare and medical benefits, giving possibilities for new benefits in other areas. Assigning benefits to employees happens in a number of ways, by designation, individually, or other. Other information and benefits history can be displayed through rich reporting capabilities.

Performance module

While simplifying the performance review process you can communicate the key performance indicators for each job title allowing the employees to understand and achieve your expectations. Performance of employee is monitored automatically when Employee marks the task completed.

Generation of payslip

User can customize the appearance and content of salary slips of the employee. Generating the payslips, download them for printing. User can email the pay-slips directly to employees (with password protection) also. In addition, publish pay-slips online and only employees can view/ download the salary slips at their convenience.

Paperless hr department

Employees can initiate a variety of workflows related to reimbursements, expense claims, leaves etc. at their convenience. The workflow process done online ensures company policies are automatically enforced at the application stage itself. They are connected via system generated emails which reduces transaction time and cost.

Manager self service

Managers can login and view information of their team members any time they want without involving HR. Manager can track down the performance of the team members and can assign tasks to them based on their performance. It is a big time saver for both the manager and the HR department.

Online, on demand access

Employees can easily access information related to company policies, income tax, payouts, etc. Employees can view their payslips, statements of total earnings, PF and YTD. The details related to loans like paid installments, payable for balance, etc. can also be viewed without having to wait for HR revert.