Administration module

The admin module is the system's central controller, where HR managers or appointed personnel perform all administrative tasks. It includes defining the organization's structure, managing pay scales, and handling other important administrative functions, ensuring smooth and efficient management of the HR system.

Own info management

An integrated employee information management system acts as a central database for all employee information. HR administrators can efficiently access and manage employee details, enhancing productivity and streamlining HR processes. This system enables effective utilization of employee information for improved organizational efficiency.

Multiple designations

Efficiently manage multiple designations for employees at the same level using advanced facilities. This system also effectively handles the reporting system, ensuring streamlined management of employee roles and responsibilities. It enhances organizational structure and workflow management, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Multiple organizations

Integrate multiple organizations into a single system and manage all records using a single login credential. This simplifies the management of multiple organizations, eliminating the need to remember multiple access records. Enhance efficiency and streamline operations with this integrated approach.

Leave module

The holiday management module provides comprehensive options for defining leave types. It includes features for leave application approval and maintains a history of leave entitlement balances. This module simplifies and enhances the management of employee leave, ensuring efficient and organized holiday planning within the organization.

Time module

The module automates timekeeping processes, enhancing organizational performance by eliminating paperwork and manual tasks associated with project timekeeping and attendance management. This automation improves efficiency and accuracy, leading to better productivity and streamlined operations within the organization.

Performance module

Simplify the performance review process to effectively communicate key performance indicators for each job title. This enables employees to understand and meet expectations, fostering clarity and alignment with organizational goals. By clearly defining expectations, employees can work towards achieving success in their roles.

Payroll module

Our payroll module simplifies the complex task of managing payroll. With this module, you can easily handle salary records, calculate monthly salaries, manage deductions, incentives, and increments, all with ease. This streamlined process ensures efficient and accurate payroll management, saving you time and effort.

Role based access

Implement role-based access control to assign different access rights to users and monitor who can edit site content. This enhances site security by ensuring that only authorized users have access to specific content, maintaining a professional and secure online presence for your organization.

Performance and incentives

Efficiently track employee performance with our system, simplifying the calculation of incentives and performance appraisals. This streamlined process ensures accurate assessment and recognition of employee achievements, enhancing motivation and productivity within your organization.

Statutory form

Use statutory forms to inform employees and management about legal rules and regulations, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential legal issues. By keeping everyone informed, you can prevent offenses and ensure that your company operates within the boundaries of the law.