Sales and distribution

Experience the convenience of order management with our sales module. It includes features such as order placement, scheduling, invoicing, and shipping. The module is closely integrated with your organization's e-commerce websites, ensuring a smooth flow of information. Kinetic Dreamers provides the right solution for efficient order processing and management.

Supplier and purchase order

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) is the precursor to modern ERP systems, primarily dealing with materials planning. Our supplier and purchase order module includes essential business rules for managing the entire supply chain process, whether for one facility, multiple facilities, or across the entire supply chain, streamlining operations for efficiency.

Inventory & material

The Inventory and Material Control Module encompasses tasks like identifying inventory needs, setting targets, implementing replacement strategies, monitoring usage, reconciling balances, and reporting status. It offers detailed information on inventory and material availability, facilitating efficient inventory management and informed decision-making.

Financial module

In eresource ERP, the financial module is seamlessly integrated with all departments, generating key financial reports including Profitability, Cost Center Analysis, and Management Information Reports. It provides comprehensive financial functionality, facilitating effective financial management throughout the organization.

Benefits module

The benefit management module oversees welfare and medical benefits, allowing for the introduction of new benefits by type and provider. It manages benefits for employees individually or by designation, offering flexibility in benefit management across various areas to meet the diverse needs of employees.

Performance module

Streamline the performance review process by communicating key performance indicators (KPIs) for each job title, helping employees understand and meet expectations. Use this module to track employee performance, facilitating effective performance management and goal achievement.

Own info management

This core module maintains a wide range of employee information, including personal details, qualifications, work experience, job information, and employee photos. Serving as a central repository, it efficiently manages and provides access to all relevant employee information, streamlining HR processes and improving organizational efficiency.

Performance and incentives

Effortlessly track employee performance using our system, which allows for easy calculation of incentives and performance appraisals. This streamlined process ensures accurate assessment and recognition of employee achievements, boosting motivation and productivity throughout the organization.