Auto performance monitoring based on task completion

Performance of employee is monitored automatically when Employee marks the task completed. A complex data mining used.

Auto performance monitoring based on geoLocation

Tough to manage the field staff and more tough to monitor and analysis their Performance. Performance measured based on movement.

Hierarchy view of task according to role

Secure and strictly following Hierarchy task management. It is the step by step process to do management of task in different levels.

Approval or rejection of task

Approval and rejection of task completely user friendly and rights based. The module is used for the task management according to circumstances.

Email intimation

Get timely intimations through Email. It is a very basic but very useful feature of the module.

Accessible to Mobile

Completely mobile friendly and easy to manage. Any android mobile user can use this module.

Scheduling by calendar

Complete facility to manage daily/weekly/monthly scheduling. It helps to plan your work accordingly and is very useful for time management.

Geo based

Very useful for the field staff and monitoring its performance. The module is used during working hours only, this rule must followed strictly.


Automated Performance reporting system which helps management to take decision. Reports are generated and can be viewed by specific rights.